Mossbourne Federation

A leading multi-academy trust setting the standard for education across the UK

The late Sir Clive Bourne was the sponsor and the inspiration behind Mossbourne and his spirit still imbues the fabric of all the schools within the Federation.

He believed that the children of Hackney were being incorrectly blamed for the failure of schools in the borough to reach good educational standards and that the real reasons lay elsewhere. As a successful businessman, who started his working life in Hackney, he believed that the problem lay with the schools and not with the students, that there too low expectations and assumptions about what Hackney children could achieve. “OK was good enough” was not a mantra he was prepared to put up with.

Exceptional learning for everyone

For the past 12 years Mossbourne has continued to demonstrate how right Sir Clive’s belief really was. Every year our students achieve extraordinary academic success. The Mossbourne approach is based on the same principles it has always adhered to: outstanding quality of teaching and learning across a broad curriculum, with high expectations of every student.

In 2014 we opened a new secondary school in Hackney, Mossbourne Victoria Park Academy and in 2015 two new primary schools, Mossbourne Riverside Academy (in the Olympic Park) and Mossbourne Parkside Academy.

Values that drive success

As Mossbourne, the federation and all of our schools, we all strive for one common goal, being the best we can be, ensuring every student, every teacher and member of staff fulfil their potential. This is based on a philosophy of continuous improvement, always learning, always looking for a better way to do things. We are a supportive family that shares experiences, knowledge and ideas, in an environment that welcomes input and challenge.

Our core values that ensure we are all on the same pathway are:

Excellence: doing everything as well as we can, always.

No Excuses: believing that anything is possible, we just have to know how.

Unity: Working together towards our goals, with integrity.