Well done to all the students and staff involved in the Matilda production! It was an amazing performance and a lovely way to end the year!
We wish all of our students a well deserved summer break! Autumn term starts on 5th September for Years 8 & 9 and 2nd September for Year 7.
Looking forward to working with our wonderful families at parents’ evening today. Remember it’s the final week to b… https://t.co/Txd1AIoamX
The Academy will be open as usual tomorrow for all students and will close at the earlier time of 3.25pm as it is PSHCE Day.
We are getting excited about the Federation end of year music concernt at Stoke Newington next Monday! Tickets are available via Parentpay.
Thank you to our friends at @SchoolSouthwold for letting us visit their excellent #destinationreader provision toda… https://t.co/i6cN32TIaH
After a lot of traffic our Mossbourne Skiers have finally arrived in Andalo, Italy! Everyone is ready for a big day on the slopes tomorrow!
Our Mossbourne Skiers’ new ETA back at the Academy is 8:15pm due to the ferry crossing.
A huge thank you to @jenniecashman and her amazing staff from the @AbramWilson foundation. The creativity workshops… https://t.co/FqPiCgvGVs
@TheLeano @AbramWilson The children have absolutely loved it - thank you for being such a positive inspiration and… https://t.co/xVEQRiSpz5
After a slight delay on Saturday, our Historians arrived safely and set about exploring Berlin. Already seen many s… https://t.co/bSAeltNfxO
@Dawnegan11 Hi Dawn. World Book Day is on March 7th (next Thursday). And yes! We’re all dressing up for the event.… https://t.co/dIP8hoEW97
The opening night of the Matilda Production was a great success and we are looking forward to the second performance this evening!
Wishing all students, staff and parents in the Mossbourne family a wonderful and well deserved end of term holiday!
We are very excited about Sports Day at Mile End Stadium tomorrow! Parents/Carers don't forget to bring your tickets!
@NeillMelville Thanks for asking! A) Speed of planetary orbit decreases with distance from the sun. Therefore B) th… https://t.co/mX5Y0vIW38
The best way to spend the last day of the term is by attending a Jazz concert on the Olympic Park! Thank you to… https://t.co/EFcgT7xCrt
We’re celebrating a recent donation from the late politician Sir Anthony Meyer’s book collection this afternoon. We… https://t.co/tRHXkK2ksn
RT @MCAmossbourne: Our Y13 with record breaking results! 42% A*-A grades & 71% A*-B grades. Congrats students, parents & staff! #alevelresu
RT @MCAmossbourne: Over half of our students studying Economics, English, Gov&Pol, History, Latin and Maths achieved A*-A Grades #alevelres
RT @MCAmossbourne: To round off this year's record breaking results, 24 of our Y13 students achieved straight As! Congratulations! #alevelr
RT @MCAmossbourne: Special congrats to those accepted into Oxbridge- 7 this year! Also 4 into medicine + our first dentist! #alevelresults
Great way to finish MVPA’s Ski Trip 2018 with a closely contested Slalom race! Packing up and sad to leave ready fo… https://t.co/2brSCgUmCa
RT @educationgovuk: Performance tables show academic standards are rising and more pupils are taking core academic subjects: https://t.co/P
Don't forget to buy your tickets for the Concert at Stoke Newington Town Hall on Monday 4th July! https://t.co/0bWkzY9lHd
Happy #InternationalWomensDay2019! To our mums, our carers, our female role models, inspirations and examples: this… https://t.co/yhmthQJsu9
Great to have parentzone today to talk to our families about their child’s online world. Some very good discussions… https://t.co/g7Z7VC9Rll
Our ukulele ensemble did a fantastic performance at the ukulele festival yesterday. They performed ‘You are my sun… https://t.co/7VbTegWHJf
RT @MossbourneRow: Some skills and drills training this morning on the dock for @MossbourneRow @MCAmossbourne @LYRowing ☀️ https://t.co/aAj
Year 2 investigate pushing forces during their afternoon science lesson. Great to see how well they collaborated d… https://t.co/y2wGjzBBqx
We are so lucky to have so many volunteers come in for our Mother’s Day read. The children are absolutely loving i… https://t.co/t6AR2I67hq
A big thank you to @CHSchoolHorsham for hosting the Year 5 maths competition at the @GuildhallLondon. We had a blas… https://t.co/5kVZpCTykT
Our year 11 students are speaking to local professionals including entrepreneurs, city workers and the… https://t.co/SSK491EVvU
Thank you to the fantastic Bob Brooker from the RNLI who taught our children about what the lifeboat institute do a… https://t.co/aew9wyqBPB
RT @AbramWilson: "To see it going on here is really heartwarming, it provides a bit of hope" Dad Imtiaz & his daughters are big @kokorokomu
RT @Mossbourne6th: We were thrilled to welcome @LigetiQuartet to @MCAmossbourne to give a performance & workshop last Thursday! They played…
Challenge club calculating the speed of each planet in km/hour this afternoon. Ask us about the conclusions we drew… https://t.co/HKPA7SwKWF
RT @AbramWilson: Wonderful @MPAmossbourne last week 😊 Musical games, jazz & blues, trying out songwriting, improvisation & performance, & g…
RT @LondonGD: #LondonGD #SchoolOfHandball A new 🤾‍♀🤾‍♂ session for kids will take place Saturday 6th @MCAmossbourne Community Academy (E5 8…
RT @Mossbourne6th: We are proud to announce one of our students has been selected to take part in the Barcelona International Youth Science…
RT @MossbourneRow: Loading for camp is done ✅Rolo is desperate to come too! Maybe next year buddy 😢. @MCAmossbourne @MVPAmossbourne @Mossbo
RT @Melmia86: @AbramWilson @MPAmossbourne Thank you for inspiring Mia to continue with music & her writing, she has had a great week! It is…
RT @AbramWilson: Why does music education matter? Have a read of our founder @jenniecashman's interview with @MCAmossbourne Vice Principal…
A full range of exciting events at the Hackney central library over the Easter Holidays! Excellent for all those to… https://t.co/4txiB7eEje
RT @MossbourneRow: Rolo has been out barking orders @MossbourneRow students this morning 🚣‍♂️🐶 @MCAmossbourne LYRowing https://t.co/fppXGM2
RT @MossbourneRow: Boys with matching kit this morning 👍 seems like a small thing but it makes a big difference @Crewroom @MCAmossbourne LY…
RT @AbramWilson: Spreading the joy of music ❤️ Imtiaz & his daughters came to our @kokorokomusic @Church_of_Sound & @MCAmossbourne gig in #
RT @MossbourneRow: Everyone @MossbourneRow has piled in to support those doing their erg tests today @MCAmossbourne @LYRowing #yeahmossbour
RT @MCAmossbourne: Our students showing great character performing in the choir at the DfE Character Symposium today #CharacterMatters2016
RT @MossPAMsoftware: We're up and running at BETT, visit us at stand G91 #MossPAM #Bett2017
RT @MossPAMsoftware: We're up and running at BETT, visit us at stand G91 #MossPAM #Bett2017
ATTN PARENTS: ParentPay has changed. Avoid any issues by reading the new instructions here https://t.co/tbyIVHQ7lv
PARENTS: ParentPay has changed. Avoid any issues by reading the new instructions here https://t.co/P98otYCcjV
Mark ye diaries, friends and countrymen, for tis the week of Shakespeare at Hackney Libraries next week! From the 1… https://t.co/t5elifkhKh
RT @AbramWilson: It's super-inspiring for the young people on our schools #MusicEd programme to work with the professional musicians & arti…
Your opportunity to join the Mossbourne family! Check out our exciting career opportunities online: https://t.co/uOXfCmRSXF
RT @MCLGroupPLC: A successful #ToppingOut ceremony at @MRAmossbourne today! @mossbourne @LondonLegacy @hackneycouncil #education https://t.…
Year 1 and 2 show off their Easter Bonnet making skills. Thanks to all the parent volunteers who came in to help u… https://t.co/tuiv457rHs
RT @lucygthorne: @Mossbourne6th @towerslab @ucl @MCAmossbourne Thank you!we really enjoyed your visit- fantastic students and totally engag…
Our #bookoftheweek recommendation: The Last Chance Hotel by @nicki_thornton. Full of beautifully woven descriptions… https://t.co/7qVs9Gc4Fk
Great to see @AbramWilson working with @MPAmossbourne - looking forward to many of their students signing up to all… https://t.co/5H9XN9AouE
RT @MossbourneRow: All the singles @MossbourneRow out on Saturday in our new kit from @Crewroom 👍 🚣‍♂️ @MCAmossbourne LYRowing https://t.co
RT @MossbourneRow: 6th girls suspending and rowing like they mean it! 💪🏼 @MossbourneRow @MCAmossbourne @MVPAmossbourne @LYRowing https://t.…
It’s both World Book Day and International Women’s Day next week. We have just the recommendation to suit both...… https://t.co/RYxPX0NwEC
#hiring 2x Finance Officers £22-30k @mossbourne #finance #accounting #job #edu #london #hackney Find out more: https://t.co/rK9j8MHVne
RT @AbramWilson: We've been introducing the young people at @MPAmossbourne primary to #jazz & #blues this week in our #AchieveYourGreatness
Year 1 experiment with measurement of length finding objects that are shorter than 1 Metre. Great to see such exci… https://t.co/N4358UHxGm
What a fantastic performance by our children! Such a great way to celebrate the coming of Spring and Easter. https://t.co/ps5zme71gH
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
Well done to all of our winnners during this morning’s celebration assembly. https://t.co/pJy5mIZI3W
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
#hiring Partnerships Manager £35-40k DOE #job #hackney #edu #partnerships https://t.co/I7VlznYOc8 https://t.co/PId8QQWfGx
  • mossbourne mossbourne
Great to have the Tom Daley Diving Squad here to work with our very excited year 2 classes. https://t.co/7XIQKpMslg
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
Year 2 and year 3 learn how to be safe online. A big thank you to @TheParentsZone https://t.co/qetXXn18FP
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
RT @MVPAmossbourne: A unique opportunity for a new Associate Vice Principal with our growing school! Explore now https://t.co/LyZ2Ya4eGc ht…
Ski Trip 2019 arrived safely after a fine journey. Have a great week everyone! https://t.co/vQ3JLnxJc2
  • MVPAmossbourne MVPAmossbourne
Preparing for #WorldBookDay2019 next Thursday? Here’s some costume inspiration: https://t.co/UKPwPYwks4
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
A very happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful role models. Thank you for all you do for us. https://t.co/eLNBTpHIn8
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
Thing 1 in fine form as she teaches us about the history of #WorldBookDayUK https://t.co/uIv4gB8qXx
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
Great to see all of our pupils so enthusiastic about reading. #WorldBookDayUK https://t.co/FHr0FjMjpc
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
Great to see our staff pushing the boat out for #WorldBookDayUK There is also a great picture of the Iron Man. https://t.co/qhuTsSasEp
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
Great way to end such a lovely day. Our teachers have swapped classes to share their love of reading. What a treat! https://t.co/95JXmWqwmS
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
What a wonderful world book day! Year 1 loved visiting the Hackney Central Library. @hackneylibs https://t.co/xqI6bNLTXn
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
The stage is set for 1B’s performance. #timetoshine #tractionman https://t.co/TOuIJHYzgR
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
Join us on LinkedIn! https://t.co/qlkM6lFa2h https://t.co/yQNZieOM4v
  • mossbourne mossbourne
Year 1 make boats from junk material. Now to see if they float 🚢⚓️⚓️ https://t.co/epQbWlxJzE
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
Great to see such collaboration. Well done 1R! https://t.co/njAs5DLtyB
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
Year 1 create some amazing art work, Aussie style! https://t.co/OhNgtKKloC
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
Code club learn to create their own rock band https://t.co/TcJrX9rGOi
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
Code club create animations in space using scratch 3.0. Great to see how well our older students support the younger https://t.co/hUyxOZKYQX
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
RT @TeachFirst: Deadline approaching, apply now and you could have your offer in as little as 6 weeks https://t.co/uFkPRODSJe https://t.co/
We love our new artificial grass - it turns out five year groups do fit after all!! https://t.co/eM69YE4Itr
  • MVPAmossbourne MVPAmossbourne
RT @MossbourneRow: Time to mooooove on guys 😂 @MossbourneRow @MCAmossbourne @MVPAmossbourne @LYRowing https://t.co/zSW6QSlA8z
  • MCAmossbourne MCAmossbourne
RT @MossPAMsoftware: @TeacherToolkit learning about the PAM software https://t.co/UQxikngzCB
  • MVPAmossbourne MVPAmossbourne
RT @MossPAMsoftware: @TeacherToolkit learning about the PAM software https://t.co/UQxikngzCB
  • mossbourne mossbourne
RT @MossPAMsoftware: The interest is buzzing around stand G91. #MossPAM #Bett2017 https://t.co/t1cQtbIXrD
  • MVPAmossbourne MVPAmossbourne
RT @Elroy_cahill: As a school using PAM I cannot reccomend it enough. It's excellent @EducationEACT @Ambition_SL https://t.co/TCeMyWI3fG
RT @MossPAMsoftware: All set for day 2 of the @Bett_show #MossPAM #Bett2017 https://t.co/I3IfTPyRQq
  • MVPAmossbourne MVPAmossbourne
RT @MossPAMsoftware: The interest is buzzing around stand G91. #MossPAM #Bett2017 https://t.co/t1cQtbIXrD
  • mossbourne mossbourne
RT @Elroy_cahill: As a school using PAM I cannot reccomend it enough. It's excellent @EducationEACT @Ambition_SL https://t.co/TCeMyWI3fG
RT @MossPAMsoftware: All set for day 2 of the @Bett_show #MossPAM #Bett2017 https://t.co/I3IfTPyRQq
  • mossbourne mossbourne
RT @MossbourneRow: We gots new kit 👌🤩🚣‍♂️ @MossbourneRow @MCAmossbourne @MVPAmossbourne @LYRowing https://t.co/NgYsCoOSah
  • MCAmossbourne MCAmossbourne
A hard-earned achievement- congratulations! https://t.co/KNfpXZ5E8V
Thank you @RedBoxHackneyN! https://t.co/02QvrAH9NS
The new home of @MRAmossbourne coming along nicely!! They'll be ready to go from September 2016! https://t.co/F9uu7ROGO7
So proud of our students! https://t.co/ZhYy3Tzk1g