Well done to all the students and staff involved in the Matilda production! It was an amazing performance and a lovely way to end the year!
We wish all of our students a well deserved summer break! Autumn term starts on 5th September for Years 8 & 9 and 2nd September for Year 7.
@Jade_Taps Such a trooper! Congrats on an awesome week Jaylan, you deserve an amazing weekend.
The Academy will be open as usual tomorrow for all students and will close at the earlier time of 3.25pm as it is PSHCE Day.
We are getting excited about the Federation end of year music concernt at Stoke Newington next Monday! Tickets are available via Parentpay.
After a lot of traffic our Mossbourne Skiers have finally arrived in Andalo, Italy! Everyone is ready for a big day on the slopes tomorrow!
Our Mossbourne Skiers’ new ETA back at the Academy is 8:15pm due to the ferry crossing.
@Dawnegan11 What an amazing dress! Kaishiya - you are brilliant. Have an excellent day in the sun!
@Melmia86 So glad you could make it! You’re right - MPA kids are just amazing. #niceflagMia
After a slight delay on Saturday, our Historians arrived safely and set about exploring Berlin. Already seen many s… https://t.co/bSAeltNfxO
The opening night of the Matilda Production was a great success and we are looking forward to the second performance this evening!
@Dawnegan11 Weren’t they amazing? Well done Kaishiya, you were brilliant!
Wishing all students, staff and parents in the Mossbourne family a wonderful and well deserved end of term holiday!
Congratulations Year 6 💪💪💪. The courage and perseverance you’ve shown this week can’t be measured by tests - we’re… https://t.co/0XEZDf4whN
We will receive our first Ofsted inspection on 25th April 2018.
We are very excited about Sports Day at Mile End Stadium tomorrow! Parents/Carers don't forget to bring your tickets!
Best of luck to 25 of our students today who are competing in the English Schools' Athletic Track & Field Cup at Mile End Stadium #mvpa
A little feedback from the Hackney Museum on our Year 6 children yesterday: ‘I meet a lot of lovely classes in Hack… https://t.co/4JeHT9yRr8
A quick reminder to our Year 5 parents to drop in to our information session at 15:45 tomorrow, all about Life in Y… https://t.co/4f7U0oy8TH
@SchoolSouthwold Awesome!
A massive well done from the PE Department to the Academy who raised an astonishing £2484 altogether for Sports Relief in their PE lessons.
@LottieStory We certainly are! Watch this space for dates, times and details.
RT @MCAmossbourne: Our Y13 with record breaking results! 42% A*-A grades & 71% A*-B grades. Congrats students, parents & staff! #alevelresu
RT @MCAmossbourne: Over half of our students studying Economics, English, Gov&Pol, History, Latin and Maths achieved A*-A Grades #alevelres
RT @MCAmossbourne: To round off this year's record breaking results, 24 of our Y13 students achieved straight As! Congratulations! #alevelr
RT @MCAmossbourne: Special congrats to those accepted into Oxbridge- 7 this year! Also 4 into medicine + our first dentist! #alevelresults
Great way to finish MVPA’s Ski Trip 2018 with a closely contested Slalom race! Packing up and sad to leave ready fo… https://t.co/2brSCgUmCa
RT @educationgovuk: Performance tables show academic standards are rising and more pupils are taking core academic subjects: https://t.co/P
Don't forget to buy your tickets for the Concert at Stoke Newington Town Hall on Monday 4th July! https://t.co/0bWkzY9lHd
What’s blue, white and red all over? Royal Wedding celebrations in full swing at MPA today. Can you feel the joy?… https://t.co/qZ9yI2oVpS
RT @hadiyah_qureshi: I taught the Year 7s about sound waves and we made speakers in our #MossbourneSTEMClub today! #WeLovePhysics https://t…
Can you help us deliver our Future Medics scheme? From September we’ll have 22 talented students on our Medical Bu… https://t.co/CWbaZR2tUR
RT @cibrown73: Cold, wet and windy but Jess is looking forward to her first competition representing @MCAmossbourne at the Middlesex School…
Our fundraising team trekking in Strandja, Bulgaria walked 23.4km in the mountains today. Snakes, birds, deer and… https://t.co/UVkD4Kxp4f
RT @hadiyah_qureshi: For our second-to-last session of the year, our #MossbourneSTEMClub spoke about our #STEMGoals, our short-term persona…
THANK YOU to donors & trekkers that walked the Strandja, Bulgaria! Money funds extra music projects in our 4 schoo… https://t.co/fn7iUW4w4O
RT @MCAmossbourne: THANK YOU to donors & trekkers that walked the Strandja, Bulgaria! Money funds extra music projects in our 4 schools.…
RT @MossbourneRow: W16 2x and j16 2x into A Finals at the Scullery!!!!! #yeahmossbourne @MossbourneRow @MCAmossbourne @LYRowing
RT @MossbourneRow: Bronze in J14 2x!!!!!!!! #yeahmossbourne @MCAmossbourne @MossbourneRow @LYRowing
Can you help? One of our staff is off with others on 27 May to trek 100km in the Bulgarian wilderness to raise mone… https://t.co/VDJPSC1avg
RT @MCAmossbourne: Our students showing great character performing in the choir at the DfE Character Symposium today #CharacterMatters2016
RT @MossPAMsoftware: We're up and running at BETT, visit us at stand G91 #MossPAM #Bett2017
RT @MossPAMsoftware: We're up and running at BETT, visit us at stand G91 #MossPAM #Bett2017
RT @LewisBuxton93: Gearing up for three workshops in two cities with Year 5, Year 10 and then adult humans with @WritersCentre @MCAmossbour
M-A-Y-A-N, we are Mayan school children! Mayan pyramids, games arenas and information sheets, all made at home! Yea… https://t.co/2vfOouz8w1
3B sing, present and act out their learning on Mayan maths, temples and ritual sacrifice... and it was awesome! Tha… https://t.co/P6nJroCffh
RT @Melmia86: @MPAmossbourne Was lovely! To come from a hectic work day to this wonderful performance- they definitely brightened my day! W…
RT @Me_JennyWatson: Today’s visit to @MPAmossbourne all about maths. Great to see children explaining their learning with confidence #talkl
ATTN PARENTS: ParentPay has changed. Avoid any issues by reading the new instructions here https://t.co/tbyIVHQ7lv
PARENTS: ParentPay has changed. Avoid any issues by reading the new instructions here https://t.co/P98otYCcjV
Your opportunity to join the Mossbourne family! Check out our exciting career opportunities online: https://t.co/uOXfCmRSXF
RT @MCLGroupPLC: A successful #ToppingOut ceremony at @MRAmossbourne today! @mossbourne @LondonLegacy @hackneycouncil #education https://t.…
RT @MPAmossbourne: Simply astonishing performance from 4B today, educating parents and children alike through song, drama and full-blown an…
Just 2 days til our team heads to Bulgaria for a 100km trek through mountains & ravines of Strandja (strange mounta… https://t.co/Pf60AdS5vD
RT @nlalondon: A huge thank you to all our volunteers from @gt_llp @LandsecGroup @Pell_Frischmann @QuintainLtd @SwanHousing @changingcities
It’s that time of year - an amazing showcase of hundreds of Mossbourne music students performing music from Strauss… https://t.co/pxAMAIkxEX
RT @MCAmossbourne: It’s that time of year - an amazing showcase of hundreds of Mossbourne music students performing music from Strauss to T…
1M enjoyed their music workshop last week! They listened to the woodwind quartet and tried to guess what animals th… https://t.co/ixmzJCM1ih
RT @MossbourneRow: Sweet session for @MossbourneRow yr9 girls 8x this morning. Maddy from @MVPAmossbourne first early morning session to jo…
Year 1 have been finding out about Picasso, and how his work appeals to our senses. Check out some of their fantast… https://t.co/gRcEn6DHd8
Multi-coloured turrets? Royal couple in regalia?!! WORKING DRAWBRIDGE?!?!? We think Harry and Meghan picked the wro… https://t.co/YRhB0wyF9X
RT @willnorman: This primary school is setting a great example by providing bikes as part of normal playground activities - #activekidsdobe
Reception went on a bug hunt as part of their new topic ‘The Brilliant Bug Ball’ where they will be learning all ab… https://t.co/DO6xeEnxYS
#hiring 2x Finance Officers £22-30k @mossbourne #finance #accounting #job #edu #london #hackney Find out more: https://t.co/rK9j8MHVne
A huge thank you to @TeachFirst for hosting our Year 6 children at their HQ this week. We thoroughly enjoyed develo… https://t.co/XjNnbPHCap
RT @SpeakersTrust: Meet our new Hackney #JPSpeakOut Regional Champ Jean Kossoko-Ormerod @MCAmossbourne Runner up was Lisandr Qose @MVPAmoss
RT @Mossbourne6th: Session three of our five week confidence building and presentation course “We Speak” for our Medsoc students run by @sp
RT @GoToUni_UEL: Welcome Salters Chemistry Festival to UEL @BarkingAbbeySch @DormersWellsHS @elss @HHSHaringey @IBSTOCKPLACE @LammasSch6For
RT @Mossbourne6th: Last session of the Yr12 medics “We Speak” presentation course organised by @speaking_out. Today we’re joined by doctors…
Spot the Difference Competition! One is Reception writing from early October, and one of them is the same child’s w… https://t.co/UnaCa5n7n7
2R enjoy their first hockey experience in the sunshine! https://t.co/mgxQ6gM6jx
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
Check out what a local artist did with Year 2’s magnificent art work from their ‘Our World’ topic. https://t.co/qRPWMXR2Vh
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
The children, staff and parents all enjoyed taking part in the races during sports day! https://t.co/DP7jf3lzD4
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
#hiring Partnerships Manager £35-40k DOE #job #hackney #edu #partnerships https://t.co/I7VlznYOc8 https://t.co/PId8QQWfGx
  • mossbourne mossbourne
Reception have been enjoying their visits from Eco-Active, learning about composting and the importance of worms. https://t.co/tIAYdEQRRM
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
@Melmia86 So glad she had fun! Definitely a future Olympian in the making. https://t.co/zx3EBMvETl
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
1R have been learning about how sound travels. https://t.co/pMfYN4TDfG
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
RT @MVPAmossbourne: A unique opportunity for a new Associate Vice Principal with our growing school! Explore now https://t.co/LyZ2Ya4eGc ht…
The pupils enjoying drama club @YardTheatre https://t.co/iywcdzjuv0
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
2R enjoy an art workshop. Look out for their artwork on our school fences! https://t.co/HqRkHU89u7
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
The School of Noise delivered an amazing workshop for Year 1 exploring noise, sound and music. @schoolofnoise https://t.co/pv8s9Agy4P
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
Join us on LinkedIn! https://t.co/qlkM6lFa2h https://t.co/yQNZieOM4v
  • mossbourne mossbourne
Join us on LinkedIn! https://t.co/CtObDqYNJP https://t.co/TQnBt8iCke
  • MVPAmossbourne MVPAmossbourne
Well done to two of our pupils who attended the phase 2 dive test at London Aquatics Centre! https://t.co/IbTilANa1A
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
Year 1 really enjoyed watching a dance performance on MRA’s very own ping pong table last term @joegarbettdance https://t.co/zxZx98voyn
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
After School club enjoyed a party celebrating the Royal Wedding. #RoyalWedding2018 https://t.co/v6GPk3dEv0
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
2R enjoyed a local nature walk on Monday as part of their new topic ‘The Environment’! https://t.co/lqjIbfF6en
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
Creative club enjoyed drawing in nature and showing off their art work proudly. https://t.co/LKbkKKBAzm
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
The pupils of Mossbourne Riverside celebrated Father’s Day with Father’s Day Read. #GoDads #FathersDay https://t.co/88EstrmkkK
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
House Red won the Sports Day Trophy!! #GoReds #SportsDay https://t.co/rGz4dtPi89
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
Our teachers and parents got involved too with races of their own. #SportsDay #GoParents #GoTeachers https://t.co/AM6MprwdF4
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
RT @TeachFirst: Deadline approaching, apply now and you could have your offer in as little as 6 weeks https://t.co/uFkPRODSJe https://t.co/
RT @MossPAMsoftware: @TeacherToolkit learning about the PAM software https://t.co/UQxikngzCB
  • MVPAmossbourne MVPAmossbourne
RT @MossPAMsoftware: @TeacherToolkit learning about the PAM software https://t.co/UQxikngzCB
  • mossbourne mossbourne
RT @traumagasdoc: Every time I speak to the Mossbourne students I’m impressed with how utterly brilliant they are. Clever, articulate, grou…
RT @MossPAMsoftware: The interest is buzzing around stand G91. #MossPAM #Bett2017 https://t.co/t1cQtbIXrD
  • MVPAmossbourne MVPAmossbourne
RT @MossPAMsoftware: All set for day 2 of the @Bett_show #MossPAM #Bett2017 https://t.co/I3IfTPyRQq
  • MVPAmossbourne MVPAmossbourne
RT @MossPAMsoftware: The interest is buzzing around stand G91. #MossPAM #Bett2017 https://t.co/t1cQtbIXrD
  • mossbourne mossbourne
RT @MossPAMsoftware: All set for day 2 of the @Bett_show #MossPAM #Bett2017 https://t.co/I3IfTPyRQq
  • mossbourne mossbourne
A hard-earned achievement- congratulations! https://t.co/KNfpXZ5E8V
RT @Elroy_cahill: As a school using PAM I cannot reccomend it enough. It's excellent @EducationEACT @Ambition_SL https://t.co/TCeMyWI3fG
RT @Elroy_cahill: As a school using PAM I cannot reccomend it enough. It's excellent @EducationEACT @Ambition_SL https://t.co/TCeMyWI3fG
The new home of @MRAmossbourne coming along nicely!! They'll be ready to go from September 2016! https://t.co/F9uu7ROGO7