Well done to all the students and staff involved in the Matilda production! It was an amazing performance and a lovely way to end the year!
We wish all of our students a well deserved summer break! Autumn term starts on 5th September for Years 8 & 9 and 2nd September for Year 7.
The Academy will be open as usual tomorrow for all students and will close at the earlier time of 3.25pm as it is PSHCE Day.
We are getting excited about the Federation end of year music concernt at Stoke Newington next Monday! Tickets are available via Parentpay.
After a lot of traffic our Mossbourne Skiers have finally arrived in Andalo, Italy! Everyone is ready for a big day on the slopes tomorrow!
Our Mossbourne Skiers’ new ETA back at the Academy is 8:15pm due to the ferry crossing.
After a slight delay on Saturday, our Historians arrived safely and set about exploring Berlin. Already seen many s… https://t.co/bSAeltNfxO
The opening night of the Matilda Production was a great success and we are looking forward to the second performance this evening!
Wishing all students, staff and parents in the Mossbourne family a wonderful and well deserved end of term holiday!
We are very excited about Sports Day at Mile End Stadium tomorrow! Parents/Carers don't forget to bring your tickets!
Best of luck to 25 of our students today who are competing in the English Schools' Athletic Track & Field Cup at Mile End Stadium #mvpa
RT @MCAmossbourne: Our Y13 with record breaking results! 42% A*-A grades & 71% A*-B grades. Congrats students, parents & staff! #alevelresu
RT @MCAmossbourne: Over half of our students studying Economics, English, Gov&Pol, History, Latin and Maths achieved A*-A Grades #alevelres
RT @MCAmossbourne: To round off this year's record breaking results, 24 of our Y13 students achieved straight As! Congratulations! #alevelr
RT @MCAmossbourne: Special congrats to those accepted into Oxbridge- 7 this year! Also 4 into medicine + our first dentist! #alevelresults
Great way to finish MVPA’s Ski Trip 2018 with a closely contested Slalom race! Packing up and sad to leave ready fo… https://t.co/2brSCgUmCa
RT @educationgovuk: Performance tables show academic standards are rising and more pupils are taking core academic subjects: https://t.co/P
Don't forget to buy your tickets for the Concert at Stoke Newington Town Hall on Monday 4th July! https://t.co/0bWkzY9lHd
Fancy a free cycling lesson? @hackneycouncil are offering free courses to children at Hackney schools - and they’re… https://t.co/ySurCJrULI
RT @MossbourneRow: Did some skills and drills this morning due to fog! Some made it....some didn't! Oops! 🙊 @MCAmossbourne @MossbourneRow @
RT @MossbourneRow: Disappearing into the distance in the @MCAmossbourne @MossbourneRow session this morning 👍 confined to the pontoon space…
What an assembly! An unbelievable performance from @TheParentsZone and @Google on e-safety and becoming… https://t.co/IpoBvce6eI
Well done to Sidonie for winning sports person of the week. It so happens, that she is an amazing bmx rider and we… https://t.co/J1xNwfKMUS
We have made it to 22% of our fund raising goal. Thank you so much! You have 20 days 5 hours 45 minutes and 52 sec… https://t.co/tYEshhoNuE
RT @jameslane41: End of a fantastic study tour with a group of amazing leaders. Huge thanks go to ⁦@MCAmossbourne⁩ ⁦@OasisSouthBank⁩ & ⁦@Ha
RT @MossbourneRow: Loaded and ready for racing @BedfordRegatta head on Sunday 👍 #herewecome @MossbourneRow @MCAmossbourne @LYRowing https:/…
3R explore the local environment by navigating their own routes from google maps and make comparisons of buildings… https://t.co/pYixRZikyk
Mr Walton showing off his outdoor learning skills! Thank you to both teachers for a wonderful morning. We all thor… https://t.co/hkaXhyANOG
RT @MossbourneRow: Glorious day for yr8 to have a bash at some rowing in P.E #ActiveRow students from @MCAmossbourne @LYRowing 3x quads and…
RT @hackneycitizen: ‘Groundbreaking’: The #Hackney school offering would-be doctors the ‘same chances as private pupils’ @MCAmossbourne sa…
Mural Post #1: and so it begins! Year 6 bring life and colour to the playground, as our first group start the MPA L… https://t.co/Ksj7kkH14K
Mural update #2: creative responsibility! We’re learning about the difference between art and vandalism, and what o… https://t.co/KT8QvasG2y
Mural update #4: finishing touches. Our budding young artists add detail and shadow, learning how to create finer l… https://t.co/JVgvqyDNhD
Mural update #5: nearly there! Leon and Alex from @graffitistars have been nothing short of incredible in their exp… https://t.co/Hzw0JSfidP
Good morning world! We’d like to thank those of you who have donated and shared our project. We are now £215 close… https://t.co/DeRqCkvrc1
Year 2 enjoying a concert by the London Philharmonic Orchestra at The Royal Festival Hall. What a Monday morning!… https://t.co/pwaVFjcx6M
Good morning world. Just a gentle nudge to keep spreading the news about our @SpheroEdu project that we are trying… https://t.co/SfitG6L30F
Inspired by black history month, our children have created these fantastic family trees to celebrate their genealog… https://t.co/yIyv8s7NKO
Year 3R show off their learning during their IPC exit point assembly. So impressed with their geographical knowledg… https://t.co/jJzDCn6XCz
The Year 6 Challenge Club coding their @Sphero robots using the @SpheroEdu app. Today we learned to code movement,… https://t.co/60GZAOrIgG
It’s all about the run up to @BhmUK as we begin Art week at MPA. Today we practiced our circulism, shading and fea… https://t.co/BWe2oMlQII
RT @MCAmossbourne: Our students showing great character performing in the choir at the DfE Character Symposium today #CharacterMatters2016
RT @MossPAMsoftware: We're up and running at BETT, visit us at stand G91 #MossPAM #Bett2017
RT @MossPAMsoftware: We're up and running at BETT, visit us at stand G91 #MossPAM #Bett2017
ATTN PARENTS: ParentPay has changed. Avoid any issues by reading the new instructions here https://t.co/tbyIVHQ7lv
PARENTS: ParentPay has changed. Avoid any issues by reading the new instructions here https://t.co/P98otYCcjV
Your opportunity to join the Mossbourne family! Check out our exciting career opportunities online: https://t.co/uOXfCmRSXF
RT @MCLGroupPLC: A successful #ToppingOut ceremony at @MRAmossbourne today! @mossbourne @LondonLegacy @hackneycouncil #education https://t.…
We have managed to reach 19% of our final target. Thank you all for your support. There is still time so please kee… https://t.co/cTe2fABXsh
Year 3 code using @scratch 3.0 on iPad for the first time. So glad that this is out now! Meanwhile on table 2 we se… https://t.co/EOavMcxYxf
Roaringly creative dinosaur homework in Year 4, using D&T skills to create mini monsters and fossils.… https://t.co/35BSUT9Erj
Happy Thursday everybody! We have had an amazing week here at MRA so far and are still working hard at trying to fu… https://t.co/susucsuYwA
Low threshold, high ceiling! Year R to year 3 create interactive weather maps using @ScratchJr utilising their phot… https://t.co/v6s3IyFnJZ
Loving our @nowpressplay refresher training this week, with the as-always-amazing Tilly. We’re excited to get stuck… https://t.co/irndP1Yo33
After an outstanding dino-sembly by 4B today, we’re looking forward to the rest of our performances this term. Take… https://t.co/UgArs0xkSd
After a lovely afternoon of football in the sun, the trophy returns to MPA with a 4-2 score line. Proud of both tea… https://t.co/nb9Pcgi2vN
RT @MPAmossbourne: Year 2 enjoying a concert by the London Philharmonic Orchestra at The Royal Festival Hall. What a Monday morning! @LPOrc
RT @MRAmossbourne: Good morning world! We’d like to thank those of you who have donated and shared our project. We are now £215 closer to…
Happy Tuesday everyone! We have reached 17% of the funds needed to fund our project. Thanks so much for your suppo… https://t.co/Ss9vaA7nN2
Calling all Year 6 Parents! We will be holding a SATs workshop, delivered by our wonderful Year 6 teachers, on Mond… https://t.co/2ZPAr0RPRG
RT @MCAmossbourne: If you've always wanted to see inside our award-winning school but haven't quite had the chance yet, visit us this Satur…
#hiring 2x Finance Officers £22-30k @mossbourne #finance #accounting #job #edu #london #hackney Find out more: https://t.co/rK9j8MHVne
Another fantastic code club this afternoon. Today we learnt how to write pseudo code in notepad to create a square… https://t.co/GAb0x5ZfYj
Well done to year 2R for a fantastic exit point this afternoon. Thank you to parents for being so supportive. Gold… https://t.co/3Q7ieu8rBk
RT @MossbourneRow: Rolo the rowing dog has been helping with boat maintenance and setting things up for racing this weekend 🚣😊 @MCAmossbour
RT @MossbourneRow: A very well done to all @MossbourneRow students who raced @bedfordrowing head on Saturday. 4 wins 🏆👍. #herewecome @MCAmo
🎶Beaters in the air like you just don’t care🎶. Year six developing their composition skills on the xylophones this… https://t.co/p7dQeDTnhB
#hiring Partnerships Manager £35-40k DOE #job #hackney #edu #partnerships https://t.co/I7VlznYOc8 https://t.co/PId8QQWfGx
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Well done to blue team winning the trophy this week for the most house points 🙂 https://t.co/8czIJ31W74
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
Year 2 explore the wetlands around the Olympic Park. Wonderful day for it! https://t.co/e9vl8Wcxn7
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
Ready to recognise more outstanding effort this week in our Celebration Assembly https://t.co/0Hcr9fT0JX
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
Before.... https://t.co/mplUnE8doZ
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
Mural update #3: clouds of colour. Learning the ‘fade’ technique as we add to the sky and backdrop! https://t.co/WPUYRd9pJM
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
After... https://t.co/Z6qDMfbTDc
  • MPAmossbourne MPAmossbourne
RT @MVPAmossbourne: A unique opportunity for a new Associate Vice Principal with our growing school! Explore now https://t.co/LyZ2Ya4eGc ht…
Ready to host @MRAmossbourne in the first of the years inter-school sport matches https://t.co/meIT2DAbGr
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Join us on LinkedIn! https://t.co/qlkM6lFa2h https://t.co/yQNZieOM4v
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Join us on LinkedIn! https://t.co/CtObDqYNJP https://t.co/TQnBt8iCke
  • MVPAmossbourne MVPAmossbourne
Our year 1 children enjoying a tie dye workshop in celebration of Black History month. https://t.co/J8hjeVMPRi
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
Year 1 compose and perform music to represent the jobs people do for @The_IPC https://t.co/0JY2vguxln
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
Year 1M showing off their fantastic learning for their @The_IPC exit point. https://t.co/xesw1TyMIT
  • MRAmossbourne MRAmossbourne
RT @TeachFirst: Deadline approaching, apply now and you could have your offer in as little as 6 weeks https://t.co/uFkPRODSJe https://t.co/
We love our new artificial grass - it turns out five year groups do fit after all!! https://t.co/eM69YE4Itr
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RT @MossbourneRow: All cleared up for yr8 beginners @MossbourneRow @MCAmossbourne @LYRowing https://t.co/qbGh4j8nnV
  • MCAmossbourne MCAmossbourne
RT @MossbourneRow: Yr9 octos on a pretty blustery dock! 🚣🌊💨 #coachingselfie @MossbourneRow @MCAmossbourne @LYRowing https://t.co/5rAtR0J8pf
  • MCAmossbourne MCAmossbourne
RT @MossbourneRow: 6th form working hard this morning @MossbourneRow @MCAmossbourne @LYRowing https://t.co/v2hgoBN9Zl
  • MCAmossbourne MCAmossbourne
RT @MossPAMsoftware: @TeacherToolkit learning about the PAM software https://t.co/UQxikngzCB
  • MVPAmossbourne MVPAmossbourne
RT @MossPAMsoftware: @TeacherToolkit learning about the PAM software https://t.co/UQxikngzCB
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RT @MossPAMsoftware: The interest is buzzing around stand G91. #MossPAM #Bett2017 https://t.co/t1cQtbIXrD
  • MVPAmossbourne MVPAmossbourne
RT @MossPAMsoftware: All set for day 2 of the @Bett_show #MossPAM #Bett2017 https://t.co/I3IfTPyRQq
  • MVPAmossbourne MVPAmossbourne
RT @MossPAMsoftware: The interest is buzzing around stand G91. #MossPAM #Bett2017 https://t.co/t1cQtbIXrD
  • mossbourne mossbourne
RT @MossPAMsoftware: All set for day 2 of the @Bett_show #MossPAM #Bett2017 https://t.co/I3IfTPyRQq
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RT @MossbourneRow: 6th form session looking beautiful this morning 👍🚣 @MCAmossbourne @MossbourneRow @LYRowing https://t.co/KYVwrrcAEM
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RT @MossbourneRow: Yr10 piece of the week!! 💪 @MCAmossbourne @MossbourneRow @LYRowing https://t.co/V0NzQLXVjU
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RT @MossbourneRow: Rowing into the sunrise 👍@MCAmossbourne @MossbourneRow @LYRowing https://t.co/170qgKRD5g
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RT @MossbourneRow: @LYRowing #ActiveRow yr7 and yr8 girls smashing lunchtime rowing club @MCAmossbourne 💪🏼 https://t.co/cYesXtNu62
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RT @MossbourneRow: Couple of 6th formers learning to row this afternoon 👍 @MCAmossbourne @MossbourneRow @LYRowing https://t.co/tkiYt1o4Oq
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RT @MossbourneRow: A few more MossbourneRow @MCAmossbourne @LYRowing https://t.co/DrHyfDx3gG
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A hard-earned achievement- congratulations! https://t.co/KNfpXZ5E8V
The new home of @MRAmossbourne coming along nicely!! They'll be ready to go from September 2016! https://t.co/F9uu7ROGO7
Please help our primary school with its fundraising for some fantastic robotics. https://t.co/Lzmb4UM6l8
Go Mr James! https://t.co/oAgXcLKajq
15 days left to help us reach our target. With these resources students will learn the concepts of computer science… https://t.co/6frZ58fOfN